Combilifts deliver space saving and more for Lawsons Timber

Group Transport Manager David Harvey:

“Most of our branches are in built up areas where expansion of sites is nigh on impossible – due to cost issues or the density of surrounding buildings. We can only ‘go up not out’ with our storage so packing as much stock into any given area is crucial. Being able to
configure aisles widths according to the trucks’ abilities and going up to racking heights of 7.5 m means we can optimise space and cope with growth.”

Lawsons’ Combilifts, most of which are 4t C4000 models, handle products such as 6m packs of timber weighing up to 3t, and are also universal trucks for handling plasterboard, blocks, bricks and palletised loads, within the racking as well as outside. Most recent additions are two C4000Es and numerous STE models. “We are keen to keep emissions as low as we can for the good of the environment, and also to keep noise levels to a minimum for our neighbours in residential areas, and these electric models tick all the boxes on both counts. Electric power is definitely the way forward,” said David.