Introducing the
The Combilift Swap Body Transporter (Combi-SBT) is a diesel-powered shuttle vehicle with a capacity of 50t designed for transporting prestaged concrete loads on swap bodies around the yard and from the manufacturing facility to storage.    
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360° Visibility

Fully enclosed cabin 360° visibility

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Hydrostatic Drive

4 Wheel Hydrostatic Drive on rear

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Rear View Camera

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Front & Rear Lift

370mm Independent Front & Rear Lift


The Combi-SBT is powered by a state-of-the-art diesel engine that is in line with all current emission regulations. It has a 3-wheel design, with the rear wheels hydrostatically driven. The machine is steered from the front, ensuring excellent manoeuvrability and with the operators cabin also situated at the front, it enables even novice operators to position the machine exactly where it needs to be.  

How it works

The Combi-SBT consists of a cab which steers the load bed behind it underneath the deck of the swap body. Platforms at either end of the load bed are raised to lift the swap body off the ground – in just 11 seconds – so that it can easily be transported and deposited elsewhere in the yard or the facility.  



Excellent speed of operation for quicker turnaround of loads. Clear visibility due to a 90° off-centre cab position, offers best possible visibility compared to a trailer where you are driving “blind” with the load behind the driver. The 3-wheel design, common to the majority of Combilift products, eliminates the need for suspension.
The main benefits of the Combilift Swap Body Transporter are Speed, safety, storage. Its so much quicker and safer, we love it! - Tim Flood